Revised Community Participation Program (CPP) Budget

At its June 1 meeting, the KIAA board approved a revised budget for the CPP funds reflecting the addition of unused funds from the prior period. The revised CPP budget totals $23,687 and includes $5,300 for communication expenses (mailings to KIAA residents), $1,700 for events such as the annual meeting, $1,000 for other services (which will cover the $250 cost of insurance KIAA is required to carry), and the remaining $15,000 for “Neighborhood Priorities.” Minor amounts are included to cover the web site annual expense and supplies. Most of the rollover funds were added to the “Neighborhood Priorities” category, to be used for the priorities identified in the Neighborhood Priorities Plan (NPP) once that plan is approved by the City. The NPP was drafted with input from neighborhood residents who completed the recent survey on line or by mail and was discussed and approved at the June 1 KIAA meeting. It will be submitted to the City for approval.

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