Kenwood News: Resolution

Approved January 5, 2015; posted July 28, 2015 Resolution to Recommend Review of Metropolitan Council’s Policy Regarding Project Administration and Accountability to Property Owners Whereas, It has come to the attention of the Kenwood Isles Area Association (KIAA) that a number of homeowners in the Crazy Monkey Cedar-Isles-Dean neighborhood apparently suffered damage to their properties as a result of the Metropolitan Council’s Cedar-Lakes Sewer Improvement Project (MCES Project No. 804122), and WHEREAS, Neither the Metropolitan Council’s contractor nor the Metropolitan Council Environmental Services have taken responsibility or satisfactorily addressed CIDNA homeowners’ documented property damage claims, and Whereas, This lack of accountability leads to legitimate concerns about this and all other projects the Metropolitan Council administers, especially the construction and operation of the proposed Southwest Light Rail Transit (SWLRT), and Whereas, This dereliction of responsibility with regard to property damage will potentially affect all properties – public, park or private property alike – along the 16-mile proposed SWLRT route. THEREFORe Be it resolved, That the KIAA Board of Directors urgently requests that the Metropolitan Council review its policies for resolving property damage disputes resulting from its construction projects and its role in administering projects; BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That based on this review and before construction begins on the SWLRT, the KIAA Board of Directors urges the Metropolitan Council to put clear and reasonable processes in place to resolve damage disputes and fairly compensate property owners who experience damage as a result of Metropolitan Council projects.
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