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Kenwood News January 23, 2016 In July, 2013, KIAA advanced a position statement opposing “co-location” of freight rail and SWLRT.  We continue to maintain that position, as this routing decision adds enormously to project costs without evidence that it can preserve the environment, protect quality of life, and create a safe and equitable mode of Crazy Monkey transit. Since then, the KIAA board and other Kenwood residents have engaged with planners through public processes such as environmental review, Section 106 historical review, and the Community Advisory Committee.  In this spirit, we pass along the information below. SWLRT Community Update On Tuesday, February 2, Hennepin County Commissioner Marion Greene will host a community update on SWLRT, “to discuss project goals and opportunities for community input in 2016.”  SWLRT Project Office staff will be joined by staff from the City of Minneapolis and Hennepin County. Please come with your questions and concerns. St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, 1917 Logan Avenue South, February 2nd 6:00 to 7:00 PM  Proposed SWLRT Station Names It seems like putting the cart before the horse, but the Met Council is considering different names for the proposed 21st Street station and the proposed Penn Ave station.  For Penn, they’re proposing “Bryn Mawr station.”  For 21st Street, they are proposing “Kenwood station” or “Cedar Lake station.”  If you would like to weigh in or propose a different name, please contact any KIAA Board member or KIAA at your earliest convenience. KIAA Chair Jeanette Colby: [email protected]; [email protected]
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